hostel model

Community Transformation Strategy Proposal

knxshn hostels

  1. History

A hostel is a budget-oriented, shared-room (“dormitory”) accommodation that accepts individual travelers (typically backpackers and flashpackers) or groups for short-term stays, and that provides common areas and communal facilities.[1] knxshn hostels ministry exists to occupy the City-center context for two reasons, to 1) share Christ with urban trekkers from all over the world, and 2) provide short term housing, training, as well as support for suburban volunteers pursuing innovative lifestyles or short-term Christian ministry in the inner-cities.[2] Typically, funding for the ministry comes from private donations and fees charged from renting beds.

  1. Purpose
  • Mission – In a context of hospitality, knxshn hostels strives to make the gospel of Jesus Christ known through both our words and actions. Therefore, having a personal approach with each guest is absolutely essential. In conjunction with providing short term housing, training, and support to suburban volunteers desiring to transform the City-center context.[3]
    • Inputs
      • Hospitality – welcoming strangers; demonstrating of Christ’s love to those who do not know him.[4]
      • Community – opportunity to participate in meetings and events where staff come together for prayer and worship; great place to develop one’s social skills living in a community of people from various cultures and backgrounds; opportunity to learn more about one’s self and how to best serve others; equips the staff to serve practically and spiritually.[5]
      • Share Christ – through engaging in personal conversations and other evangelism activities, such as Guest Bible Discussion, Hostel Night ­(i.e., free dinner where volunteers share testimonies and lead activities), Film Discussion (i.e., volunteers learn to share Christ by using a movie to lay a bridge to the Gospel), City Walk (i.e., take our guests on a tour of the area the hostel is located in and share our enthusiasm about the city and local Christian movements), Open Mic Night (i.e., share Christ in a creative way), and Church on Sunday (i.e., invite the guests to join us attending an church).[6]
      • Cleaners – people who are looking for accommodation, but don’t have the budget for it, can work as a cleaner in exchange for a maximum of one month free room and board.[7]
    • Outputs – partnerships with neighboring secular and faith-based community development organizations; connecting volunteers with long term employment or volunteer opportunities in the City-center; raising awareness in the suburbs of the need for the Christian gentry to take up the cause of God with regard to the social constructs of poverty and social injustice; Adopt-A-Block Movement; rallying prayer and financial resources for continuum-of-care agencies in the area.
  • Strengths

knxshn hostels would specialize in relational evangelism and mobilizing the Christian gentry extremely well.

  • Principles of Relation Evangelism[8]
    • Focusing on Building Rapport – offering unconditional love in the context of hospitality; being hosts that genuinely care for our guest souls and temporal needs.
    • Being the Kind of Christian Unchurched People Have Never Met Before – cultivating a ministry platform of honesty and transparency (e.g., genuine testimonies); it is hard to hide faults when you live in community.
    • Cross-Pollinating Unchurched with knxshn hostels Staff – believers working nets as a team, not fishing alone for men with a rod and reel; intentionally seeking multiple points of contact with unbelievers; spiritual converts take their new faith back to their home.
    • Avoiding Duplicity – share deep spiritual things with unbelievers just as with fellow Christians; this opens up doors for them to ask questions about Christ-centered spirituality.
    • Praying for One’s Self – petitioning God to show one’s self how He sees knxshn hostels lost guest so one can minister to them accordingly.
    • Share in Relevant Ways – see Inputs > Share Christ
    • Inviting ­– not being shy about inviting unbelieving guests to the hostel, outreach themed events, and/or church.
  • Mobilizing the Christian Gentry
    • attracting Christian professionals from the suburbs into the City-center.
    • attracting spiritual and financial support for knxshn hostels from Christian professionals in the suburbs.
    • empowering the knxshn hostels guests and staff with advantageous information regarding witnessing to and transforming (e.g., statistics, effective strategies) cities.
    • teaching Christian gentry how to exegete the city, reflect theologically about recreating urban space, and contextualize the Scripture to affect gentrification with justice.
    • providing landing points for City-center missionaries immigrating from the suburbs or other another area.

What’s more, having S.M.A.R.T. goal in place keeps knxshn hostels focused on its mission of Urban occupation. Especially, concerning training and coaching volunteers. Regular refocuses through the reflective learning process will increase the effectiveness knxshn hostels staff’s efforts.

  1. Limits

knxshn hostels are limited by there relatively short window of opportunity to minister to guests. This poses two problems:

  • A genuine interest in Jesus Christ will be stirred but die out after the guests leave.
  • Genuine spiritual conversions will take place, then the guests will leave. Theoretically, knxshn hostels may create a bunch of spiritual orphans.

Fortunately, as knxshn hostels has anticipated this dilemma. The plan is to do as much follow up with our guest as possible with case management, keeping in touch with those who reach out with more questions. In the case of spiritual conversions, knxshn hostels will do its best to nurture new converts in any way possible until we find them a suitable church home. Most likely we will encourage young converts to move into a city with us.

  1. Evaluation

knxshn hostels is a radically effective urban occupation ministry that reaches the unchurched on an  innovative platform while, simultaneously, training and mobilizing an army of educated inner-city missionaries. knxshn hostels is definitely not church by the book. The biggest future challenge facing the ministry is staffing the exponential global growth of knxshn hostels in the worlds spiritual fertile inner-cities. By 2025, knxshn hostels will be empowering and mobilizing Christian gentry every world-class city with the love and gospel of Christ.








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