Prayer Journal 11.17.2016 TERSE


So I fell asleep last night before practicing my “listening to god” exercise. I woke up Thursday morning and got to it first thing. My spirit was pining to see Jesus, to touch him, to be touched, to be more like him.

My usual “go to” passages to see God are the theophanies (e.g., Ezekiel 1:1, 3-28, 10:1-22; Exodus 19:16-20, 24-25, 20:1-21;. God in much glory with his cherubim, throne, lightning, awesomeness, etc. My “Yah.”

This morning though I had a strong longing to see the Son and the Spirit lead me to the Gospel of mark. I began in Mark 2, “Jesus As the Lord of the Sabbath,” then Mark 3 where Jesus Healed ‘A Man with a Withered hand,” and Jesus’ elucidation of double-mindedness, i.e., if a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom will not stand. Put another way if one has risen against himself and is divided, he cannot stand, but is coming to an end. There is more to this but this what ministered strongest to me this morning.

Then I came to chapter 4 and the Parable of the sower. “Basically, the common practice of many sowers is to sows seed without first preparing the ground. Thus the seed falls on various kinds of hostile ground that had not been prepared to receive the seed. However, the good  soil facilitates the growing, increasing, and yielding of much fruit.” (ESV study bible”

SOOOOOO the challenge is to partner with the Holy Spirit in softening people hearts towards the Gospel and God, intentionally living as salt and light, making the way for Jesus to enter into peoples lives as Saviour, as Master, as Eternal Life, to redeem wickedness for the holiness of the Yahweh, to fill and multiply the world with His image and and less of Satan.

I already knew this but seeing Jesus in action is always a good reminder.