The Good News


God is holy and all-mighty. As an act of love, God created Adam, the first human, in His image. Spiritual corruption entered all of humankind through Adam’s disobedience to God, severing the perfect spiritual communion between God and humans. All humankind has inherited Adam’s spiritual corruptness. On account of God’s righteous standard He must punish disobedience, the punishment is spiritual death (i.e. eternal separation from God). As another act of love, God made provision for fallen humankind in Jesus Christ the Son of God, Savior of all who believe. In His incarnation Jesus lived a sinless life, in His death He satisfied the righteous standard of God for all who submit to His lordship, in His resurrection He conquered physical and, more importantly spiritual, death for all who believe, and in His ascension He reigns through His followers by the power of His life-giving Holy Spirit from the right hand of God.  In order to be rescued from spiritual corruption and eternal separation from God, ask Jesus for forgiveness, invite Him into your heart, make a decision to obey the Word of God, and believe in the Christ for eternal life.