Recently, I requested prayer for progress in coming up with  metaphors for the Contemporary Preaching class that I have this semester. It is slow going overhere but I am producing. So far I have thirteen and need sixty two more by the end of the semester. I thought to #quickup as I finish them. Continued prayers for relevant and creative imagery that effectively communicates the eternal life-giving message of God’s Word are coveted. 

1) The Sin of Nadab and Abihu/Lev 10:1-20

Metaphor = Corporate World

Harold and Aaron, two of John’s direct reports at Acme Advertising Agency, learn about an opportunity they believe will skyrocket them to fame in the advertising industry. You see, Harold overheard John talking to the head of the Starbucks, the agency’s largest and most powerful client, about a special project with a Thanksgiving Day deadline. Harold relays what he overheard to Aaron and they both agree to work up something special even though Starbucks usually assigns John their holiday projects. When Thanksgiving comes around Harold and Aaron burst into the meeting unannounced and uninvited. Turns out, the two come up with a Thanksgiving coffee campaign in English. In unbeknownst to them the client had spoken to John about a Christmas tea campaign in Mandarin. The point being these two did all the wrong things with the wrong motives. Next thing you know Starbucks not only fire Harold and Aaron but blacklist them in advertising industry. The two are never heard from or seen again in the advertising industry.