You can easily enough see how this kind of things works by looking no further than your own body. Your body has many parts – limbs, organs, cells, but no matter how many parts you can name, you’re still one body. It’s exactly the same with Christ. By means of one Spirit, we all said good-bye to our partial and piecemeal lives. We each used to independently call our own shots, but then we entered into a large and integrated life in which He has the final say in everything. Each of us is now part of His resurrection body,  refreshed and sustained at one fountain – his Spirit – where we all come to drink. The old labels we used to identify ourselves -labels like Jew or Greek, slave or free – are no longer useful. We need something larger, more comprehensive. – The MSG 1 Corinthians 12:12-13

Interested in graciously contributing your talents as a content creator (e.g., insights that are committed to the authority of Scripture while engaging the cultural challenges of the contemporary church in areas of theology, apologetics, leadership, counseling, spiritual formation, addiction, gender, personhood, etc), contemporary gospel music producer (i.e., uplifting vocal trance, indie, hip-hop, uptempo folk), intercessory pray-er, digital engagement practitioner (e.g., branding, inbound marketing, SEO, WordPress), and/or non-profit wisdom.

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