My apologies. I keep getting nit-picky technical assignments that keep me pretty busy. Fortunately, nit-picky technical assignments are part of the formal education process that I am blessed to be part of. Unfortunately,  personal hobbies and interests usually get neglected  in the meanwhile, e.g., blogging and tweaking images. Heads up, I have a semester long nit-picky technical assignment that is keeping me “busy.”.

Praise Report

By God’s grace, I am presently enrolled in the last six units of the ninety-eight unit graduate program I have been in these past seven years. Interestingly enough, after months of praying about what the next step is for me after, God willing, I complete the Talbot School of Theology MDiv program the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me to 1) apply for the “Leading Change”   or “Leadership Development” DMin at Fuller Theogical Seminary (Fuller DMin) to cultivate an even deeper and stronger ministry practice and 2) commit myself to the DNA groups project that Pastor  Seth at the  Shoreline Church of San Clemente is working on, while still contributing to God’s work at the Victory House (Victory House).

Also, the past couple of months I have been building my ministry resume. The process of producing a resume and philosophy of ministry have been an awesome time of meditation and reflection on God’s working in my life. The process has also been an excruciatingly painful one…It is kind of frustrating to think that I am barely just starting a career in my early 40s. Praise God!

Lastly, the Spirit has impressed upn me to 1) blog more regularly (#mybad) and, 2) open up knxshn to others who God may be moving to contribute their talents and gifts

Prayer Request

Please lift up this last semester, “Leading Change” DMin, Shoreline DNA community group, resume, and knxshn development endeavors up in prayer however the Spirit leads.

My passion is to partner with individuals and communities to reach their potential, in Christ, in a postmodern postChristian age in a #bravenewChurch.

In Christ, I need to strike a few income streams along the way as I #Matther6_33 this life…lol…It would definitely help if I finished my resume. Thankfully, the DMin program is designed for working adults so I will have more time as well as physical and mental resources to invest elsewhere  during the meanwhile.

Lastly, prayers for clarity and vision for knxshn.org are coveted. Honestly, I purchases a personal journaling software that I have been using more than the blog. Sometimes I even feel like closing the blog down but then the Holy Spirit will impress upon me, “We have not even got started.” Then I get visions of knxshn.org as a prayer drenched Christ-honoring multi-user 2.0 network of 21st century Christian thought and practice servant-leaders serving, house churches, evangelism movements, and teaching circuits transforming city centers their surrounding communities around world. Not to mention, tribal styled worship gatherings of believers chanting God’s names, attributes, and glories along to wardrums and shofars, dancing shouting and singing Christ’s praises to spirit stirring banging tech/trance and orchestras. Ultimately, knxshn as  vibrant and diverse life-giving postmodern ,post-Christendom expression of Emmanuel – God with Us – His Church unleashed – His redemption flourishing. Based in Dana Point, CA?

That is just me though. Who am I really…???…I am still trying to figure that out. Even so, I know who who do not want to be….the guy who wusses out on God…OPE!

prayers for a network of gifted and talented contributors are coveted (#bravenewChurch).