so…for the past few weeks I have been getting the undeniable impression that the Holy Spirit is spurring me towards either partnering with, if there is such a thing, or planting a web-based Church-movement. 

keeping in mind that, presently, Talbot Theological seminary and Victory House still command the most of my resources, even so, there is no future for me in either group, at a glance I came across these Starting a House Church: A New Model For Living Out Your Faith by Larry Kreider, House Church – Simple-Strategic-Scriptural by Stephen Atkersen, and  a house church logic.

i like it. add a few locale unity gatherings here and there every so often and – viola – a nimble, responsive, reflective, and transformative  21st century Church-movement

the reason this model appeals to me most is because in my forty + years of life, i have had the pleasure of living an extraordinarily rich, albeit painfilled life. for the most parts, i know addiction (#methsucks) -i know sober-mindedness – i know Urban city-center (#323luv), i know suburban Sprawl (#949withChrist) – i know office professional – i know street hustla – i know logical – i know creative -i know 9-5 – i know clubber – i know homeless – i know white collar – i know blue collar – i know homosexuality – i know sexual purity – and the tensions of living in between them all – these days it is all ministry to me.

plus, i know risk taking – before Christ, I lived like I had nothing to lose and planned to die young. in Christ, its all gravy (#praiseGod).

i am not claiming to know everything. that would be absurd and prideful. my point is this – thanks to my breadth of God-given life experience and formal education, my perspective is that #itisallministry.

in my mind, a Web-based Church model has the potential for a vibrant and diverse reflection of Christ that redeems cultures with the gospel rather than homogenizing them with foreign values other than God’s. that is the thing…in my understanding, God’s heart is to redeem cultures and communities, not whitewash them.

plus, I do not think in grids and segregated pods – i think in collages  – and piles – with independent and unique identities bleeding together to form a whole – beautiful – mosaic Body of Christ (#membersofoneanother).

#itisallministry – evangelism, servant-leadership development,  and Church renewal.  DISCLAIMER – I recognize and respect that other ministers specialize in other felt needs. there is a lot more to this model but I am upping this this #quickanddirty – #quickanddirty.

at any rate, – by God’s grace – Talbot and Victory House own me right now. but, as I understand it, not for much longer.

I see a #bravenewChurch – vibrant and diverse – on the horizon. or maybe I that is the “crazy” in me talking.

plz pray for me while i sort through this whole basement to auditorium Church-movement vision? #reflective #nimble  #responsive #transformative #truetothis

Christ peace to you,

Nick Harmon