My bad…I just realized I have been on going on and on about my job hunt and resume challenges while neglecting, in my estimation, quite a few significant life events.

First – by God’s grace –, I graduated the Talbot School of Theology Master of Divinity degree program in May 2017. This leadership training endeavor was academically rigorous, personally demanding, and financially expensive. Even more, the process was extremely humbling and, literally, kept me in prayer for God’s provision on a regular basis from beginning to end. I am grateful to announce that God consistently delivers!

Second – by God’s grace –, I spent a few weeks of September in South America with a two-part backstory. To start with, Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro have been on my radar for few years as potential foreign leadership and community development opportunities. Ever since then I have had a strong faith persuasion to scout them out.

Not only that, after I graduated I excitedly jumped head-first into job-hunting for an entry-level pastoral position where I could love-on people with as much of my personality, life-experience, and academic-training as possible. The initial job-hunt was all but halted by the fact that nearly every on-line submission I responded to was (and is) an obstacle course of reflective prompts. The more prompts I thoughtfully responded to the more I became aware of the spirit-deep renewing Jesus (the) Christ has been doing in my life over the course the past thirteen years. The closest thing I can liken it to is looking into a mirror every day and not recognizing the person looking back…Shazam!

Immediately after this realization I went on a spiritual retreat in order to reflect on the past thirteen years and to get acquainted with the “new” me. Why the past thirteen years?,” the reader may ask themselves. The past thirteen years are significant because I was immersed in an intense season of Christ-centered life-rehabilitation and leadership-training. To say the least, the opportunity of getting to know “me” away from the roles and stigmas of the “old” me was humbling, galvanizing, and…empowering. Truly, Jesus (the) Christ is working miracles in my mind and life.

Third – by God’s grace –, has served a couple of selfish purposes for me since 2009. One, as a creative outlet with no strategic premise, direction, or audience in mind. The former is more of a confession than a statement of fact. Two, as a way to shelf the knxshn “brand” until I could give it more consideration. Trust…I blog because the most powerful Muse of them all has “branded” me in ways that can’t be silenced. There is a long backstory to  knxshn from circa 2004 that some of you are familiar with. For those of you who do not know, in short, influencing people toward Jesus Christ, each other, relevant Bible teaching, mobilizing resources, life-skills training, and life-giving community through social-media is the purpose of knxshn. Anyhow…in spite of my self-serving motives, has accumulated subscribers over the years. Gadzooks!

After much prayer and in light of the existing subscribers, rather than abandon, my strong faith persuasion is it to mature from a low-budget hobby and labor of love  nearly $0 and into a multi-contributor, member supported church movement.

That said, prayers for 1) Relevant pastoral insights, 2) Dialing in my “voice,” 3) Stronger Faith Persuasions concerning, 4) Strategic mentors and partnerships, 5) A community of collaborative and talented workers, 5) and Finances are coveted.

This brings us up to date. Well, except for the final version of the resume I dialed in thanks to your prayers and feedback. Give me a couple of days to post and I will get it up.