Praise: Thanks to God’s provision and all the support of my church Fam, as of this summer I have completed 61 units of the 98 unit Talbot School of Theology Master of Divinity program and am on track to complete another 9 units Fall 2015 semester. Also, over the years God has cultivated within me a spirit-deep passion for discipling men and training leaders with an emphasis on biblical manhood, sexuality, and spiritual formation. 

Prayer: Please pray that God will continue to provide and strengthen me in this education process. This is an extremely costly sacrifice in all ways imaginable…Also
Christian Serge, www.facebook.com/thechristianserge, has my second try at a testimony video in editing right now. Please pray for him as he artfully pieces together something that glorifies God and offers hope to men struggling with manhood, sexuality, and spiritual formation. The idea is to launch knxshn.org as an effective webinar, writing, and speaking platform ministry to propagate Christ’s healing and strengthening power.... thanks prayers