Praise report: 1) God has supplied me through yet another semester of seminary, ( i still have two more weeks of class) 2) I really believe I may actually finish this M. Div program. When I first began I was taking it on a semester by semester basis, 3) I am being considered for the vice-president office of Talbot A.S., and 4) a group of Shoreliners ( have volunteered their talents to shooting my testimony video which we plan to hang @ The plan is to develop knxshn into an effective speaking, leadership training, and writing platform that spans the West.

Prayer request: 1) That God would open the doors for me to complete the M. Div. program within the next two years. I feel an urgency to start attacking my student debt. Plus, I am considering a Doctor of Ministry  degree 2) that the right people will make into the right Talbot A.S. offices the 2015-16 semester year, and 3) that our group shoot a video that glorifies God and communicates hope to people who need it, and 4) for the residents of Victory House ( Please blanket our house with prayers however the the spirit leads as you consider men in bondage to alcohol, meth, chronic homelessness, and mental illness as well as  for Godly wisdom and inner strength for our leadership team.